Valley View Church

About Us

We are all about knowing God!

We are followers of Jesus Christ.  We are all about learning as much as we can about Him.  He left Heaven and came to earth.  We believe this really happened.  We have His words to read in the Bible.  We can see what He did and why He did it.  We Christians here at Valley View have bowed before Him.  He has and is forgiving us of our sins.  We have been born again by His Spirit.  We are deliberately trying to live according to His standards. 

We invite one and all to come and join us in this journey of following Jesus.  We don’t pretend to have it all figured out.  We are students and disciples and learners.  We don’t want to keep Jesus to ourselves.  We gather to worship Him.  We gather to learn from the Bible as to what God has said.  And then we look outside the walls of this church to tell our neighbors and community about Jesus. 

One of the things Jesus wants us to do is love others.  We are to help others.  We are to be aware of needs that we can try to meet.  This is done within our community of believers and is done in our neighborhood and then beyond to needs in our world.  

We can say many things about our particular ‘culture’ and ‘doctrine’ that are unique to us.  But really we want mainly to focus on Jesus.
11501 SE Sunnyside Rd Clackamas, Oregon 97015 USA
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M-F 9am - 1pm
Sunday School/Adult Education 9:30 am
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